Monday, July 9, 2012

Simply Chill'n

Well Chill'n aint exactly the right word.  We arrived at Surfside Beach about 3:00 Sunday afternoon. The drive down was amazingly smooth considering it was the weekend after the 4th.

When we got here the thermometer on the van said it was 91. Wow that sounds so nice but when we got out of the van we started panting for some AC. Spoiled we are I spose. After unloading the van and toweling off the sweat I whooped out the handy dandy tablet and pulled up the weather. There it was right there 91 degrees just like the van said then it said "feels like 108". Yes it did. Every bit of it.

Regardless, we changed from driving shoes to strolling flip flops and took a small hike. The breeze on the beach really helps. The water is pretty warm. A good bit cooler than the air but not so much it takes your breath for that first moment.

Going to be hot again today. Only spose to feel like 105. Any small change is appreciated. They say it will almost 10 degrees cooler the rest of the week.

We went out to eat last nite and picked up some groceries. The girls are still snoozing at 8:15 this morn. I am ready for some breakfast.

Hope you all had a nice 4th. I am looking forward to a restful week here.



Diane said...

We went to Surfside for a week a few years back. Loved it! We aren't taking a a summer beach trip this year but we are going for a long weekend the first part of October.

Enjoy your week!

Not So Simply Single said...

I am sooooooo jealous! I wish I was there hanging out....looks lovely. Have a blast and drink some lemonade for me!!!!

bunny said...

In South Carolina? Or Texas? Either way...I myself am a beach bunny...I would live there if I could afford it. Nice place to relax and just be...Have a great time and don't rush back


Jolene said...

Yup, it's so hot, the chickens are laying hard-boiled eggs ;)

A little family time is always a good thing.
I’m not a huge beach person, but I love a good sea breeze.

Have a big, hearty breakfast and enjoy the rest of your week.

Juli said...


It looks fabulous!

Simply Suthern said...

We will prolly be back down in October as weell because it will be our 30th anniversary. The wife loves the beach. I wouldnt mind heading to the mountains myself.

We had a great breakfast at the Garden City Pancake house. We have been going there regularly for over 3o yrs.

Yesterday eanded up being much cooler, especially on the beach. But the wind was so strong I ended up having to hold the dang umbrella down most of the time.

Today is spose to be only in the high 80's. It doesnt seem to be as windy as well. Cant wait to get back down to the water and boogie board a bit.

Havin a good time so far.

Annmarie Pipa said...

oh lucky you!!
we go next month....

Pearl said...

The heat is oppressive, isn't it? 102 in Minneapolis today. Even breathing is difficult...

And there's no ocean for absolutely MILES!!


ipenka said...

Sounds like a fun break. Hope you rested up and enjoyed the beach!