Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gifts To Go, Part 2

This spring my current boss announced he was taking another job across the country. Sooo, it was time to make another going away gift. His work scope was broader than that of my old boss so it was a bit tougher to nail down what to make as a gift. However, one thing we always joked about was his penchant for modifying the probes we had made. In the shop we would manufacture the probes to exact tolerances and he would take them and adjust them for his purpose on a belt sander.

We decided to make a miniature belt sander. This is something most folks are familiar with. It started out as a nonfunctioning unit but one of the other guys suggested we make it actually work so I added a motor and a battery pack.

The company had a going away party before we had it completed so one of the other guys threw together a piece of rusty pipe and a probe. He also spelled his name wrong on the plaque. He didn't look real thrilled with it but he smiled anyway.
We gave him our real gift at our department going away party.

Here is the design I came up with.

Here is the exploded view.

Here is the animated assembly view.

Here is the actual working model.

Here is a short video of it running but idiot boy/me shot it sideways so it looks kinda weird.

While I enjoy designing and building these things I wish it weren’t for folks I like to work for. Of course if I didn’t like working for them they would be getting the standard adios plaque.

BTW, He was speechless.

If you were to retire/change jobs what kind of gift would best suit you?


Juli said...

I would love a golden mail box. :) Sounds dorky, but I love mail. Whenever someone I like buys a new home, I give them a mailbox, painted and done with their names and house numbers, and then fill it with stationary, stamps, envelopes, and magazines (with subscriptions for more to come).

It's just what I do.

I had a boss that I loved once, when she left us I got a framed poster that symbolized where she was moving on to in her life, and had all 80 of us sign it for her. Ironically, it was the same poster she had bought herself years before when she was at another large turning point in her life.

It still hangs in her New York office, over 16 years later.

Like I said before... you and your bosses are so lucky to have this kind of cohesiveness in the work place. It's hard to find.

Jolene said...

Very cool.
Showing that you give someone your time and effort is, I think, the greatest of gifts.

Hmmm... I would love a picnic at an historic location.
Simple ingredients: Sunshine, good people, good food and good times.

I frown upon (expensive) unimaginative gifts (like a day at the spa or some fancy jewelry for example – OMG…SO BORING!!). I like gifts that scream : You know me.

You have great gift-giving skills.

Simply Suthern said...

Juli: We have a unique company and an especially good department.

Jolene: In real life I actually suck at gift giving. I stress over the right gift and then I get option paralysis.

In the workplace however it just seems easier because you dont have to shop, just whip out a nice design and start making metal chips.

Simply Suthern said...

I dont know about your end but the videos I posted do not seem to play. They did last night at home but not here at work.

Pearl said...

Well how cool is that?!

I would like a stained glass window, Art Deco design. Or a contact in the publishing world. Even a really good coffee pot, with a timer would be cool. :-)


Jolene said...

Hahaha: "option paralysis". But I get it.

I find shopping for women, to be much harder than shopping for men. Men are easier to please ;) But overall, I'm a realy good gift giver (and totally humble, too).

BTW, I can watch the videos just fine.

ipenka said...

The video worked fine for me. Re: side shot I just thought it was attached to the wall.

I like my current workplace but may be moving sometime soon. Unfortunately, no one will be giving me a brass calculator... =P

Simply Suthern said...

Ipenka, A brass calculator would be cool. I can see making one of those. It wouldn't work however.

Crystal Pistol said...

I'M speechless! You're a freaking GENIUS! Wow. What an amazing and thoughtful gift.

I think I would want some sassy stylish shoes. You can never have too many, ya know. :)

Señorita Andalucíana said...

That is crafty and creative! Kudos to you, have to say all of that is way above my head.

bunny said...

your a freakin genius!

Going away gift would be just that....all expense paid Fiji

I'll let you know when that happens and you can chip in ~wink


Not So Simply Single said...


Another reason you blow me away.

My video works fine. Sometimes workplaces don't let you play videos.


As for the gift giving....

Perfume with body lotion and bath gel.

Shopping spree at her favorite store.

A day at the spa to include a massage and a facial.

A romantic weekend away.

A new pair of shoes and a handbag from Gucci....


then again... I don't know your wife.