Thursday, October 10, 2013

Overheard on the Radio

On my ride in this morning, Captain Jim of 103.7 WSOC Radio read his Facebook status of the day.

"Yesterday, Kris and Bruce Jenner announced that they were filing for legal separation. It must be a sign of end times when Kim and Kanye have the most stable relationship in the Kardashian family. It was also rumored that Bruce is filing for whatever is opposite of child custody."

Thats all I got, y'all have a great day

BTW, Only 76 Shopping Days left till Christmas.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Citizen's Arrest, Citizen's Arrest!!!

To me those classic words always invoke images of Gomer Pyle trying to give Barney a ticket.

Last Night I was Gomer.

We were dropping the little one off at Gymnastics. The wife needed to go in so I just sat in the car playing Sudoku on my phone. As I sat there a car pulled up in front of me. One of the 3 men inside got out and walked over to a utility pole in the parking lot. He lifted the base cover to expose a pink package which he retrieved. He carried it back to the driver of the car and they did their little thing whatever it was. In the meantime I took a picture of the license plate. The man replaced the package and returned to the car and they drove off. I thought about it for a bit and because there are a lot of kids and moms here most nights, I called the cops. I explained what I saw and she dispatched an officer. It wern't long before he showed up and I shared the story again. I pointed to the pole and he lifted it up. Sure enuff it was still there. He removed it, very un-CSI like and opened it. Much to our surprise inside was a list. He said I know what this is, It's a game. And it was. It was part of a Geo-caching game folks play. I was so embarrassed and apologized for wasting his time. He laughed but thanked me for calling regardless. I am glad it turned out to be non-criminal but I was awful red faced.

Have Phone will call, I will do it again.