Friday, July 5, 2013

Overheard at the Cookout

Our youngest invited a friend over for our 4th cookout. It was a small affair. My son and his wife, my SIL and her hubby and the three of us. My other two girls had to work. The little girl called and asked if her parents could come and if there was going to be any drinking at the party. Our answer was yes they were more than welcome to come too, but no, we would not be drinking.

Yesterday at party time they dropped the girl off. I was kinda surprised they didn't stop. She came in the door and I asked if her parents were coming. She said no, they were going somewhere to get drunk.

We are a wild bunch. Hot dog, hamburgers, sweet tea and corn hole.


Yesterday morning I read an article that said I was cooking my hot dogs wrong. How do they know? Phone taps, reading email and now this?  It suggested spiral slicing the wiener before throwing it on the grill. Some of you guys may have already done this but I had not seen it before so I tried it. And dang if it didn't turn out pretty good.

This ain't my pic but mine turned out just like these. It cooked through quicker without burning and it helps hold the condiments on the dog. Just slide a skewer through the wiener. Spiral cut down to the skewer then remove the skewer. Easy Peasy.
Hope all you guys had a Wonderful Independence Day.